Angel Minaro

Collection: Perfect Duo


In this collection, the body lotion and body wash complement each other perfectly.

Begin with the body wash which includes rich extracts of rose, lavender, and violet flowers infused with silk and avocado oil making it delicate on the skin while it cleanses deeply, moisturizing, and nourishing it.

Continue the ritual with the body lotion which gently caresses the skin with nourishment and moisture leaving it soft and supple.


The body wash and body lotion delivered with a truly personal message from you sealed beautifully in a wax-sealed envelope. A gift adorned in gold with an expression of a wish that you have for the future of this love story all cushioned in an elegant box personalized with the bride-to-be's name on the inside.

Rich extracts of rose, lavender, and violet flowers are infused with silk and avocado oil making it delicate on the skin while cleansing deeply, moisturizing, and nourishing it.

Leaving a scent that is subtle but powerful enough to evoke memories and emotions and offering a genuine affirmation of the celebration of her love story. You reach the bride on an emotional level, giving her the ability to re-live and share the memories and emotions of this momentous occasion for a lifetime.

If no personalization is needed, leave the message box at the check out empty. 

Scent Descriptions:

Forever One - Soft, sweet, and floral. It is a delicate fusion of white magnolia with a hint of pomegranate and cherry. 

Happily Ever After - Delightful with a light musk. It is a scent of lotus blossoms mingling with black orchid, amber, pear, and a dash of musk.

Love & Laughter - A floral delight. The essence of honeysuckle complemented with notes of jasmine, tuberose, and nectarine.

Today & Always - Delicately exotic. A sensual medley of orchid and gardenia blossoms infused with notes of amber and pineapple.

For the list of ingredients, click here.

Our gifts are personalized for each bride and are therefore created in small batches. For this reason, they are offered on a first-come-first-served basis. To be one of the first to learn when a new batch is released, join us below.

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