Celebrating love is what we do at Angel Minaro, and periodically we would love to give a gift experience of our 'Perfect Duo' collection to a bride-to-be chosen at random.

This gift experience features the body wash and body lotion delivered with personal message sealed beautifully in a wax-sealed envelope. A gift adorned in gold with an expression of a wish for the future of this love story all cushioned in an elegant box personalized with the bride-to-be's name on the inside.

You can learn more about the collection here.

For a chance to be chosen:

1. Submit an entry on your behalf or for someone who you would like to be gifted the Perfect Duo.

2. Share your story or that of the bride-to-be that you have chosen.

3. Share an image or a video (max 3 mins long) describing why you choose to celebrate this special bride-to-be that will be shared on our website or other platforms if chosen. (You agree that you have permission to share this image and that you are giving us permission to share this image).

4. Submit your email address so we may contact you if chosen.


You agree that you have full permission to share any images or videos that are not yours and permission from all persons in the images or videos.

You agree that if you are chosen, any images or videos submitted can be shared on any of our websites, blogs or social media sites.

Open to entrants in North America and the United Kingdom only.

We are not responsible for taxes or duties owed in Canada or the United Kindom.

In submitting an entry you agree to the terms set by Angel Minaro. 

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Our current giveaway is open from Feb 7, 2022 to Feb 21, 2022. The winner will be notified on Feb 28th, 2022.