Silk and Flowers - Our gifting experience

Every aspect of the gift experience at Angel Minaro has been thought through, and has significance. Today we focus on why we include silk and flower extracts in our creations.


Silk is a natural fiber, and is rich in protein which makes it nourishing to the skin. It helps to balance moisture and increase elasticity. It also gives our products a silky smooth texture, making it glide with ease on application. This makes it easily absorbed, drawing moisture into the skin to increase hydration with resulting smooth, supple skin. 

Silk is also widely used in many aspects of wedding celebrations. It is used in the creation of wedding dresses, magnificent bouquets, and amazing wedding décor because of its beauty, feel, and texture.

Beautiful to the eye and magical to the touch - it just feels natural to include silk into our formulation both for its nourishing effect and for its significance in weddings. 


Flowers play a significant part in weddings because of their breathtaking beauty and aroma. Different flowers evoke unique and special feelings in different people - and let's face it, there's an array of flowers to choose from.

At Angel Minaro, the rich extracts we use in our creations come from the Rose, Violet and Lavender flowers. The blend of extracts from these flowers have the following properties:

  • Rejuvenating
  • Balancing
  • Soothing
  • Moisturizing

These extracts, infused with silk and avocado oil combined with memory evoking scents, envelop the skin in a swirl of moisture and nourishment.

For us, including flowers in our gifting experience was essential in creating the perfect gift for the bride.