Our North Star - The Bride

You are looking at our North Star. Our focus, inspiration and the driving force behind Angel Minaro.

When someone special is getting married, do you find that it's always a process to figure out what to get? Browsing online or walking through the stores it can be difficult to find or decide on what to get.

At Angel Minaro, the bride is the focal point of our creation. In other words, we create our gifting experience with the bride first and foremost in our mind; she is our Muse if you will. We are celebrating her love story, her journey, and all the emotions that her celebration evokes.

We employ the use of various evocative measures to celebrate the bride. It is universally known that the written word is powerful, and that's why we use it to effectively communicate your heartfelt message to her.

Words of joy, celebration, encouragement, support, and love that will be read over and over again through the years, during the times that life happens. When you are not able to be there in person, or even if you are.

Scent is deliciously amazing, powerful and has the ability to take you back to a place, a time and even a moment! Giving the Bride-To-Be the ability to be transported back to the celebration of her love story in the blink of an eye, to re-experience all of the emotions and memories of that day is a truly amazing gift which is why we use magical scents in our bridal creations.

Oh there's more! When we say we are here for the bride, we are not playing. Stay tuned for more details..............