Celebrations are a must. Especially Wedding Celebrations!

Celebrations are so important, I realize that now that we've been forced to be apart from so many of our loved ones. I'm learning to celebrate not just the big, but especially the little things. No matter how big or small, we need to celebrate and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Recently, the size of a wedding celebrations have had to be cut down drastically, but that should not take away from what it is that is being celebrated but most importantly, who it is and whose love story is being celebrated. That can and will always be most important.

Your sister, your best friend, a loved one! This is who you are celebrating, no matter how grand or how intimate a wedding ceremony is. If you have a personal message, or wish, or words of wisdom that you'd like to share in honor of her love story, or you want to give her a personal gift experience that will leave her emotional, make her feel truly special and thoroughly pampered, you are in the right place.

The Perfect Duo

I invite you to visually experience the 'Perfect Duo', a gift experience featuring a body wash and body lotion delivered with a truly personal message from you sealed beautifully in a wax-sealed envelope. A gift adorned in gold with an expression of a wish that you have for the future of this love story all cushioned in an elegant box personalized with the bride-to-be's name on the inside. To learn more about this experience browse here.

Each gift experience is created with intention, so that each detail feels personal and makes a connection with the bride.

Celebrating Love Always,