Bridal Wellness and Giveaway

The wellness and relaxation of the bride are very important. A wedding, no matter the size can be overwhelming and stressful. I believe that this should be a happy time for the bride, and that is why at Angel Minaro pampering the bride is our priority.

With that in mind, our bridal gifts are created with silk and extracts from the petals of roses, lavender, and violet, and are infused in a blend of avocado oil and shea butter. Gently caressing the skin with nourishment and moisture leaving it soft and supple.

I believe that the bride should look and feel her very best during the celebration of her love story.

The images above are from 'The Art Of Celebrating' a guide to celebrating life in style. It is timeless and is filled with inspiration for your celebrations, home & life. You can see more at their website here

Today's feature: The Body Lotion

This lotion gently caresses the skin with nourishment and moisture leaving it soft and supple.

We have 4 different versions with different scents. All very different, but each having a floral note recognizing the huge part flowers make up in a wedding celebration, no matter how big or small.

Each version is also named by a wedding wish or sentiment intended for the bride's love story.

Forever One - Soft, sweet, and floral. It is a delicate fusion of white magnolia with a hint of pomegranate and cherry. 

Happily Ever After - Delightful with a light musk. It is a scent of lotus blossoms mingling with black orchid, amber, pear, and a dash of musk.

Love & Laughter - A floral delight. The essence of honeysuckle is complemented with notes of jasmine, tuberose, and nectarine.

Today & Always - Delicately exotic. A sensual medley of orchid and gardenia blossoms infused with notes of amber and pineapple.

Read more about our body lotions here.

Bridal Giveaway

February is a great month and so I decided to do a giveaway of our "Perfect Duo". For more details and to take part in the giveaway, click here.

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Celebrating Love Always,