Weddings are a momentous occasion.

A celebration of a love story. We believe that words and scent are very powerful, and that memories of this day can be evoked by a few words, a quick glance or a simple scent.

A celebration of love.

At Angel Minaro, we celebrate love with an exclusive gift experience of magical scents, exquisite flower extracts, highly nourishing and moisturizing butters and oils, and a personal wedding message to evoke powerful emotions at a moments notice, creating memories that will last a lifetime. 

We create gifts that are expressive, thoughtful, and personal for the bride to be. Giving her a gift experience for her wedding celebration that she will cherish for ever.

Our Promise

We are dedicated ALWAYS, to make the bride our north star and to deliver elegance and quality over quantity.

An Introduction to Angel Minaro

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Love and Laughter Body Mist

Love and Laughter Body Mist

A wedding celebration heightens all the senses. But scent has a way of taking you back to a place, a time,.........even a moment! This video talks...

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We create intimate and personal gifting experiences in celebration of a love story.